Beautiful apples
make beautiful cider

Made by mother nature

blended by Brian

All we do is wash the fruit, mash it, press it and leave it alone and let nature take its course. In roughly six months, we start blending (and that´s when Brian, our very own Master-Cider maker, does his thing) - all by taste and if necessary a little sugar is added for some of the sweeter blends, filter out the larger lumps and that´s it - job done. It is then sent off to be bottled with some added fizz or captured in its natural uncarbonated state in bag-in-boxes. No formulas, no chemicals, no added yeast and no added water in our full strength products. Neither are there added sulphites, only those naturally occuring in the apples themselves. We gently pasteurise, rather than add chemicals, to kill off any nasty bugs and no malic acid or artificial sweeteners are added as we just prefer to keep it simple and Refeshingly Traditional.

Award winning in all the right places